Coat Check Etiquette


January 19, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi everyone.

Yes, believe it or not, there is proper etiquette for using the Coat Check.

Coat check is to check your coat.  (I know, mind-blowing right)?

Saturday night I was dining out and I watched a guest walk into the restaurant and check their massage table.  YES: A MASSIVE MASSAGE TABLE.  Come on!

Look at it this way: Saturday nights are the busiest nights in most restaurants, plus, it’s winter, so there are a mountain of puffy coats to check which take up a ton of room. Do you really think checking your massage table is appropriate?  It’s a coat check NOT a storage unit….there is a difference.

Also: if you are going to check your massage table or your 7 shopping bags from Saks….TIP APPROPRIATELY.  2 bucks doesn’t cut it!

I would also recommend calling ahead to approve the checking of said items….most coat check rooms are not big….especially in Manhattan.  Storing large items means that they will need to probably be put in the manager’s office or wine room….it would be considerate to call and give a heads up to make sure your ridiculousness can be accommodated.

Thanks for reading.


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