My, What Big Teeth You Have.


February 12, 2015 by Diniquette

Good Morning.

As most of you may, or may not know, I do a lot of Hospitality consulting in the service industry all over the country.  Last night, while I was at one of the restaurants I consult at, this is what I saw:

In many restaurants, at the end of your meal, they will bring you some petit fours to end your meal perfectly.  Last night, one of the petit fours were small popsicles.  When my server went to clear away the petit four dish, this is what we found:

2015-02-11%2019.25.47[1]Now, the toothpicks were the popsicle sticks….I’m more interested in the other item…….DENTAL FLOSS PICKS!   That means there were 2 people who felt using dental floss picks, while dining at a 3 star restaurant was acceptable……..HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR MIND!  You do NOT floss your teeth at the table; at ANY table.  That is an activity that is supposed to be performed in a bathroom, not in front of a room full of strangers where food is being served in an environment that is supposed to be spotless.  Could you imagine, if while someone was picking their teeth, if something flew out of their mouth and is now airborne?

Flossing teeth, blowing your nose, putting on makeup,(if it’s more than just a quick swipe of gloss): are activities that are appropriate for bathrooms, NOT at your table while dining.

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