She Said What?!

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February 23, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone.

As you can imagine, because I spend most of my life in the Hospitality Industry, I have stories galore.  Here is one that my friend just relayed to me:

*My friend happens to suffer from Celiac; she’s not gluten-free because she feels it will help her lose weight, she legitimately suffers from this disease; so dining out for her can sometimes be tricky.

Today she went to a restaurant on her way home from the gym and asked the Hostess if they offered Gluten Free options.  The Hostess responded, snarkily, by saying: “oh, so that’s why you’re so skinny”.   Thus my friend ate elsewhere.

Ok service professionals, LISTEN UP:  A potential paying guest asked a very simple question. The proper answer would have been: “no, I’m sorry; we don’t have any gluten-free options at this time”; OR, “Yes, we do; let me tell you about those”.  In my book, those are the only acceptable answers.   What this Hostess did was made the potential paying guest feel as if her needs were not important….and if you want to stay in business in the Hospitality industry, every guest’s needs are important.

Now, I do not blame the Hostess; this usually falls under training, which falls under management.   If you don’t have proper training then you will never give proper service.

On the flip side:  our industry is constantly flooded with “fake” allergies due to the fad diet of the moment, so I get why she would make that remark; however, I don’t care if it’s an allergy, fad diet or the guest just wants to be a pain in the ass; your job is to take care of the guest. Answer the question asked; offer possibilities if you can, and keep your personal snarky remarks to yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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