Fun Fact Friday: Pigs-In-The-Blanket

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April 24, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone.

Today, April 24th, is National Pigs-In-The Blanket Day!

Culinary historians have tracked the first recipes to the 1950’s.  According to these historians the Pigs-In-The-Blanket are likely direct descendants of Victorian-era canapes…(I don’t recall Scorsese having Daniel Day Lewis eating these in The Age of Innocence…but I’ll let it slide).

The earliest recipe found in American cookbooks was published in the 1930’s but it was oysters wrapped in bacon….(anything wrapped in bacon, as far as I’m concerned is perfection; but I digress).

So now that we know all about the piggies, let’s talk about the right way to eat them….yes, there is a right way; i.e. DON’T DOUBLE DIP.

The normal dipping condiment to serve is mustard….so let’s discuss why you should never double dip:

There is a study, that was published in The Journal of Food Safety, what the study found is that 3 to 6 double dips transferred @10,000 bacteria from the eater’s mouth to the remaining dip. So basically, it’s like everyone sticking their tongues in the dip… if one of those people happen to be George Clooney: I’m good.

Just don’t do it…it’s gross.

Thanks for reading.


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