Shelling Lobster

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June 15, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone!

Since it’s NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY, I thought I’d talk about the proper way to shell a lobster:

1. Twist off both lobster claws where they meet the body. Break off the knuckles where they attach to the main part of the claw.

2. Crack the claws, using a nutcracker, pliers, or even a hammer if the shell is very hard. Pick the meat from the claws.

3. Use a small fork or pick to pick the meat from the knuckles.

4. Separate the lobster tail from the body by bending the tail back and using a twisting motion.

5. Break off the flippers by bending them back. You’ll find tidbits of meat in the flippers.

6. Insert a fork into the end of the tail where the flippers break off and push out the chunk of tail meat. Remove the black vein that runs down the middle of the tail.

7. Remove the small legs attached to the body, and suck the bits of lobster meat from each leg.

8. Crack the body apart lengthwise. Pick the meat from the body cavities with a small fork or pick. The body contains “tomalley,” the lobster’s liver. Tomalley turns green when cooked, and many consider it a delicacy.


Thanks for reading.

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