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October 13, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people screw this up on a nightly basis.

When you are paying the check with a credit card, after filling in your 15%-20% tip, PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN THE CHECK.  If you do NOT sign it, here are a couple of things that will happen:

*There are establishments, (I have worked in them), where your server is responsible for paying the check if you don’t sign the credit card slip.  YUP.  Why you ask?  Because if you don’t sign your name, technically, the restaurant can’t authorize payment. So  instead of the restaurant loosing out on all of that money, they make your server pay. You see, the last step of service is to pick up the signed check from your Guests. If the server did not do that, (which, if you’ve ever waited tables, you know is sometimes impossible), then the server didn’t do their job and is now responsible for the restaurants loss.

*As stated above, if you didn’t sign the credit card slip, payment can’t be authorized; so the restaurant will now try calling the number attached to your reservation name. If you are not the one who made the reservation, your dining companions will have to be inconvenienced and get in touch with you so you can now call the restaurant, and after a lengthy game of telephone tag, finally get you to authorize payment.

Do me a favor: just take 3 seconds and sign the check.

Thanks for reading.


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