Proper Service

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November 17, 2015 by Diniquette

Today I thought we would talk about the proper way to serve guests. Whether you work in a restaurant or you’re about to have guests over for Thanksgiving,  there are proper serving rules to live by…..

1. ALWAYS serve from the left and clear from the right. ALWAYS…..unless:

A. The table is situated in a way that it’s impossible to get on the guests left.

B. If 2 guests are talking, you NEVER interrupt them by sticking a plate or a water pitcher in between them…you always go around to the open side.

2. ALWAYS give “Open Handed Service”. “Open Handed Service” is when you serve from the left with your left hand. That puts your body, (and hand), in an open position towards the guest; which is a warm and welcoming position. If you serve from the left with your RIGHT hand, you are basically shoving your elbow in the guests face….no bueno.

Next time you have guests over for dinner, try it out!

Thanks for reading.


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