Serve Left; Clear Right

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December 8, 2015 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to talk about service from both a restaurant and guest point of view; (and why you should even give a damn).

90% of the time, when a guest is being served, they are being served from the left and plates are being cleared on the right. Now of course there are exceptions to every rule, especially when you’re dining in NYC and your smashed up against the diners next to you..(Balthazar, I’m talking to you).

From a service point of view: this is proper service.

From a guest point of view: why the hell should I care? Well, I’ll tell you:

*When you are being served, believe it or not, it’s like a beautiful piece of choreography. All plates land on the table at the same exact time. That is actually a part of really great service and it’s something that true professionals do perfectly. When you are being served, you should resist the urge to move to one side or the other. The staff gets that you’re trying to assist them by making it easier to serve, but in fact you screwing with their timing and messing with the choreography for ALL of your guests. Example: the other night as my staff was serving a table of 8, one of the guests leaned her body to the left….now making it impossible to serve her AND halting all the plates going down for the other 7 guests.

Look: the restaurant wants you to have the best experience possible. Don’t “help”. They are pros and they know what they are doing. Just sit back, relax, have a few martini’s and surrender to the proccess….everyone will be better for it.

Thanks for reading.

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