Ordering A Martini

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December 9, 2015 by Diniquette

Ok, unless you are a regular at a specific establishment, the only person who knows how you like your cocktail, is you.

Please, PLEASE, do not order a drink by saying: “I’d like a martini”……………………..

I know that this used to mean something specific, but those days are over; now it means absolutely nothing, because:

A. There are a million different qualifiers for a “Martini”

B. It makes you sound like you have no idea what you’re doing. (trust me on this: I have seen, first hand, men at big business dinners order this way and the bosses relentlessly ridicule them…..save yourself!)

This is what you need to know when ordering a Martini:

*Do you want Gin or Vodka?

*Which Gin or Vodka would you like?

*Up or on the rocks?

*Dry? (basically, am I using vermouth or am I waving the bottle)


*If you want olives, do you want it dirty? (which means with olive juice)

*Do you want a twist?

*Do you want onions? (which technically make this a Gibson)

Now look at this list…..these are all of the questions that must be answered when you say: “I want a martini”.   As an example, you should order like this:

“May I please have a Grey Goose martini, up, extra dry with olives”……PERFECTION.

Remember: the more efficiently you order your drink, the faster they make it and the quicker you get to start enjoying.

So happy drinking.


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