Dining With Celebrities

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June 11, 2018 by Diniquette

Hi Everyone.

I’m back; and back with a vengeance!!!!   The behavior I get to witness on a daily basis is maddening.  So, lets start with something that happens all the time in NYC, (and I’m sure other cities as well)…..

When you are dining in the same restaurant as a celebrity, please remember that they are just regular people, like you, that are trying to enjoy a meal with their loved ones.  Here is an example of something that just happened the other night:

A wonderful actor, who is probably best know from Twin Peaks, came in to dine with their kids the other night.   There was a table of 6 adults, across the room from the actor, who were OBVIOUSLY taking pictures…..all 6 of them.   Not only did they take pictures of the actor AND  kids, but they kept doing it.   It made the actor so uncomfortable that they chose to cut their evening short, pay and leave.   (and before you all assume: NO, these were not tourists, they were NYC executives).

I get it: you’re enjoying your dinner, you look up and BAM: it’s one of your favorite actors; (trust me, if I saw Clooney, I’d freak),  but that doesn’t give you the right to make them uncomfortable. They are NOT at work; they are NOT promoting a project; they’re just people trying to eat, same as you.    Be cool!!!!

For those of you that have read my blog before, you know that I believe smartphones have completely  ruined the dining experience….this is just another example.   Here’s an idea:  get off your phones, actually talk to the people you’re breaking break with, (without checking the score of the game every 5 seconds), and if you happen to be seated next to/near a celebrity,  smile, nod, and go about your business…..that’s the respectful way to do it…..because here’s the insider tip for you: those 6 people, because of their behavior, will have a very challenging time ever getting a reservation again, if ever!


Thanks for reading.


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